“Jin Shin Jyutsu worked for me! I received real relief from serious back and shoulder pain after just one session with Kate. She also showed me ‘self-healing’ techniques to use when she was not available. Kate Smyers successfully combines her experience and expertise as an RN with her thorough training in the understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I would definitely recommend her services!”
P. I.

“In an effort to speed up the recovery process I approached Kate. After the first session I was so relaxed that I did not feel the trauma from a torn hamstring. A few additional sessions had a huge impact to get me back with a normal walking gait and I say I am two months ahead of the recovery schedule.”
S. N.

“Kate is simply wonderful. Her gentle manner and reassuring presence have helped me so much. She put me at ease instantly and my body always feels so much better after my treatment. I am more relaxed and better able to handle stress due to the techniques this compassionate woman has taught me. Visiting Kate for a treatment is the ultimate treat. Quite honestly, if you want to feel better, make an appointment. I’m so glad I did!”
P. V. A.

“I can attest that the discomfort in my hand and hips departed completely. I had been limping slightly due to the pain which has now gone. At present, I feel wonderful.”
M. S.

“After suffering a stroke my husband was quite unresponsive. Many people were praying for him and he had had a Reiki treatment as well. One day he was given a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment by Kate Smyers. The following day he showed marked improvement. It was like he woke up. He was brighter and speaking clearly. During the remainder of his illness, this new level of alertness was intermittent and gave us time to enjoy each other’s company. I would definitely recommend trying this form of healing.”
E. P.

“I have had Jin Shin Jyutsu several times over the past two years and am pleased to describe and recommend this as a method for relaxation and, hopefully, increase in healing. I have severe back and leg pain due to pressure on my sciatic nerve. During treatments relaxation occurs easing tension and pain. At times I experience seeing beautiful blue and yellow colors. I also enjoy the soft music. I become so relaxed that I often fall asleep. I believe that Jin Shin Juyutsu promotes comfort and healing and recommend this as a method of healing and relaxation.”
E. V.

“ Thank you for all your support and help during the last year. You made a big difference in my life. Without the sessions and self-help techniques I probably would not have passed through my Post Traumatic Syndrome as quickly as I did. I have been able to put most of my anger and trauma behind me.”
N. F.